Giloy Extract

Giloy is a kind of herb which is capable of treating different types of ailments. If used with castor oil, Giloy can prove to be very useful in relieving gout. Besides, if applied with ginger, Giloy can also prove to be very effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis. There are different types of skin diseases where Giloy extracts are used along with sugar. They have also proven to be quite effective when it comes to treating different types of disease related to the liver. Giloy has also proven to be quite useful and effective for those who are suffering from constipation. Besides, they help to boost the immunity systems, cure digestive disorders and reduce the symptoms of asthma

What are the ingredients?

As far as nutritional value is concerned, Giloy is quite rich in it. It contains alkaloids in abundance. Besides, there are different other biochemical substances that are found in it like flavonoids, steroids, carbohydrates, lignans, and others. The fact that it contains so much nutritional value; it is widely used for the purpose of making Ayurvedic and different types of herbal medicines.

Health Benefits of Giloy

When it comes to health benefits, Giloy has a lot to offer. Here are some of them

• It plays a very important role in the process of boosting the immune system of the body

• It has proven to be quite effective when it comes to treating chronic fever

• Those who are suffering from digestive disorders can benefit a lot from Giloy extract

• Giloy extracts also play a very important role in keeping the level of blood sugar well under control

• It helps to improve mental health and treats anxiety

Apart from these, there are different other kinds of health benefits that can be derived from Giloy extracts